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ET Recommendations: “If, as a parent, you need a dive you can more precisely manage, check out Eddy.”

It’s fairly common to see children as young as two being fascinated with technology. It’s also incredibly easy for a parent to use a device like a tablet as a temporary babysitter. But you can’t argue with the fact that a tablet can be a great learning tool. However, it is hard to control what your child sees and does with a tablet.


If, as a parent, you need a device you can more precisely manage, check out Eddy. The tablet is powered by�Android�and designed for children between the ages of 2 and 10. You can use the software to create profiles for up to three children � each with a specific age range and its own set of ‘allowed’ apps/functions.


The makers have added a tough glass layer on the screen that blocks UV light generated by the LCD and makes it more resistant to knocks. Also included is a tough, colourful, food-grade silicon bumper that protects the device and the screen in case of a fall.


Primary to the functionality of the tablet are the built-in parental controls. The typical Android layer can only be accessed via password and the child accesses his/her profile using the ‘Eddy Zone’, which has large, colourful buttons and more intuitive operation. The tablet comes preloaded with 160 curated apps and over 100 books (some that can be read aloud) for different ages. The parent can also set a time limit for each child and disallow or tightly control certain functions (such as internet browsing).


Some of the built in apps are free/lite versions � this means that you can use them up to a point, but will have to pay to unlock the full version.


Hitesh Raj Bhagat


InterStellar�Game for Android�Get it For: Free


Unlike other games based on movies, this one based on upcoming movie InterStellar has no hero or plot. You are required to create a solar system, customize it and then explore the universe created by other fans. To make this easy, the game starts with a preset solar system. You can then add planets, moons and additional orbits. Every time you create a planet or moon, you also need to choose its surface type, colour and size. You can save your custom solar system and even share it on�Facebook. The game has a mode where you can play as a space traveller � you travel as far as possible and then return to earth with data about space. The catch is you have limited fuel and you have to stay away from black holes and gravity fields. Finally, you can upgrade your ship to travel further and as you complete objectives, you earn mission patches (awards).


Karan Bajaj


InTouchApp�App to manage contacts�Get it For: Free for�BlackBerry�10

This native BlackBerry app helps to manage, backup, view and restore contacts. When you start, it prompts you to register in a 1-minute process. It then allows you to access all your contacts from anywhere � from any web browser, from a PC using the free client or from apps on Android, iOS or BlackBerry (all you have to do is install the app and sign in). A contact list of 1,500 could take about 5 minutes for a server backup. You can also scan and save visiting cards to your InTouch cloud � the app doesn’t convert the cards to text though. All these basic features (up to 2,000 contacts) are free. For additional features, you can subscribe to one of the premium plans from the app itself.


Hitesh Raj Bhagat

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